Videos from iMacrosoft’s YouTube channel (subscribe)

Apple Tablet / iSlate

Description: This is a rumor that the much anticipated apple tablet could be availible to the general public by January 2010. I got this from a gadget website: *SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE NEWS AND RATE 5 STARS PLEASE*

Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Rock

Description: New song 2009. SNOOP DOGG I WANNA ROCK (MALICE IN WONDERLAND). New song from Snoop Dogg’s latest album Malice in Wonderland. To download, go to:

PS3 Motion Controller (first looks)

Description: A first look at the new ps3 motion controller. Sony’s answer to microsoft’s project natal. I think it looks wierd, comment on what you think.

Valuev vs Haye Round 12 (David vs Goliath)

Description: Nikolay Valuev vs David Haye more formally known as David vs Goliath. In that story, David came out on top and it looks like this one is the same. David Haye is now the world heavyweight champion.


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