Who will win, HTC or Apple?

This is one of the most dramatic lawsuit of the decade. Apple are suing HTC for patent infringement in one of HTC’s new products. Whatever will happen, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment saying either HTC or Apple and your reason for choosing them to win the lawsuit.

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Installous has been fixed =)

If you are a iPod touch user and have jailbroken your device, you will realise that Installous has been fixed and now runs faster. I jailbroke my ipod touch with BlackRa1n. Search it on YouTube, it’s for 3.1.2 firmware so don’t update. Leave a comment on what you like about the new one.

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We Have Google, What will China Use?

After hearing that Google was pulling out of China, I started wondering what Chinese people will use to search the web. There are stuff like Yahoo! Bing and of course SwagBucks but none of those are like by the Chinese as I understand; The hackers only hacked Google because they liked it so much so, Google had to pull out of China because of its popularity.

So the Chinese have come up with there own search engine, ‘ Goojje ‘. Sounds a lot like Google but it isn’t. It looks a lot like Google as well:

Don’t know what you think but I think it may have some big money copyright issues 😀

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The iPad

The much anticipated Apple Tablet (iPad) has been announced. It was announced as expected at the Apple conference.

Comment on what you think the Tablet was going to be called

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Advertising Space Availible

The iMacrosoft blog has become very popular since its launch on the 29th of December 2009, we have already had more than a 100 visitors[112 to be exact]. Therefore, due to use being a free reporting service, we have decided to raise some funds so we can extend and better our interface, videos and become premium members of WordPress. We just need about $20 for the premium membership but the money we make from the that point on will going into bettering the user experience and giving you what you want. So the way we will raise this money is by advertising. We won’t do advertising like promoting annoying games but advertising websites which belong to you, our users. We will be charging $8 per month/per ad. Rates are negotiable but the price will evolve around $8.

If you have any other ideas on how we can generate a good flow of income, then we will are happy to hear from you, just go to the contact page.

Antique Pocket Watches

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Google Nexus One UK Launch

Since its launch in the US, the rest of the world has been wondering when the Nexus One will launch. Google have announced that the Nexus One will launch globally with in a few weeks. I thinks it’ll probably be released late this year.

Will they change the name?

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